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Life Changes when...

you start acting on your true beliefs, values and desires, despite external pressures to conform. From that moment on, no one can stop you from being your best self.  
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About Me


My name is Viltare and I am a certified life coach, Enneagram and NLP practitioner. I help people to connect to their authenticity, so they could express their true potential and live the life they believe in. For the last 7 years I have been studying human behavior and exploring the key elements of happiness. From my extensive experience I have discovered that my clients feel the most alive and happy when they are able to embrace their authenticity. By becoming free to express themselves in any given moment and acting from the heart, they are able to go beyond the idea of their created personalities. They find the freedom to speak their own truth and stay committed to their core values.

I can help you to:

  • Expand your self-esteem;

  • Find connection within your inner-self;

  • Know your behavioral patterns and modify them;

  • Achieve desired goals;

  • Overcome and embrace your fears;

  • Gain greater job and life satisfaction;

  • Become more self-reliant, learn to trust yourself;

  • Create more harmonious relationships with others;

  • Improve your communication skills;

  • Choose a career path according to your personality;

Tropical Leaves

Become the Authentic You, who is:

  • Accepting every situation as an opportunity to grow;

  • Staying true to your feelings and expressing whatever arises in the moment;

  • Feeling power to create your own life;

  • Discovering your own purpose and putting all of your effort toward realizing it;

  • Feeling confident in being yourself;

  • Experiencing deep love towards yourself;

  • Acting from your heart;

  • Being an authority for yourself and expressing with integrity while also cooperating with others;

  • Maintaining healthy boundaries with others;

  • Fostering healthy relationships.

Know yourself

Accept yourself

Value yourself

Express yourself


Coaching sessions

The price per session is $80 NZD (40€ - 1 h.)

Working via phone, skype (Zoom)

Time zone: Europe, Lithuania

Languages: English, Lithuanian.

Privacy: After the first session, we sign a contract that confirms 100% privacy as I am working strictly by ICF standards.

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Enneagram sessions

Enneagram guided session to  help you to discover your type, in order to:​

  • unlock your gifted qualities;

  •  understand the actions which lead You to stress;  

  • release habits which don't serve you any more;

  • discuss the tools for personal growth;

  • Price: 80 NZ/40 - 1.5 h.

  • Other conditions as per coaching session.

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Personal growth books

Explore your personal growth by working on daily exercises that are created specifically for your Enneagram type.


Find your book and start your personal journey to your authentic self today.

Gift card

Personal grow is one of those practices that makes a lasting change to the way we see the world. It is a great gift to those you love and care about.

Gift card includes:

The number of the sessions you choose.

Validation for 12 months

Session of your choice (Coaching or Enneagram) and all the benefits that comes to those sessions.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me for the further advise.


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Tropical Leaves


the courage to be yourself.



"Viltare is really very supportive and professional coach. I am very impressed of her powerful questions to get me to the AHA moments. And I really liked how at the end of the session she was summarizing our conversation and giving me so interesting home works.I really could feel changes in my life. I became more confident, learnt about myself and overall happier. Also, I have suggested Viltare's coaching to my friend, who was very grateful for introducing her."

Diana Mitrofanova Fukuda
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